Emilia Urquiza, the First Lady of Mexico, has filed for divorce from her husband, Diego Nava, the President of Mexico. Nava confronts Emilia in her suite at a hotel in Mexico City. The pair argues, which sees Nava attack Emilia. Emilia flees to the balcony and attempts to run past Nava, but she knocks herself out while doing so. When she awakes, Nava has fallen over the balcony and landed on his vehicle. She also finds she is holding her pistol, which she did not have with her on the balcony. Down below, Nava is pronounced dead. Believing Emilia to have murdered Nava, Mexican secret service enters the suite, but Emilia escapes, fleeing the scene. A manhunt is then launched while José Barquet, Secretary of the Interior, is sworn in as President.