life Tv


Life TV is a Christian broadcasting network and production company. It is a world-wide commercial ministry that promotes the love of God through media evangelism. Instituted by RA 9342, Life TV is operated by the End Time Mission Broadcasting Service Incorporated that engages in providing content to digital and cable televisions with the aim of empowering its wide array of the audience throughout the globe. Highly dedicated to leading a broadcast network that serves and promotes the advancement of information and communication, it offers programs in different formats, such as news and public affairs, health, wellness, self-help, and spiritual growth. A channel for the family – with the view of encouraging a positive outlook from the audience and inspire responsibility and hard work in life, Life TV is indeed a genuine partner for progress. A channel for all ages - Life TV knows no generational limits. From grandparents to teenagers, it envisioned to produce television programs that will attract wide-viewership relatable to all audiences. A channel of hope and faith - Life TV is committed to spreading positivity through programs that motivate and empower everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week - All around the globe, through all media formats possible. Life TV can be watched through Cignal - Channel 187, Sky Cable - Channel 44, Beam TV - Channel 32.6, and also through video live streaming on Facebook via Life TV Asia Facebook Page. It encourages everyone to catch the vision and help transform lives by being one and united in its efforts to further the gospel through Christian Television not only in the Philippines but around the world. 

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